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News Details
Date & Time Posted: 02/11/2006 15:16:56 Subject: November
The months are forging on and I now enclose items for this newsletter. With the clock changes and longer nights in this hemisphere we starting to look towards Christmas and all that it brings. The internet is continuing to grow for the select of Christmas presents as a fast and carefree method and over the coming weeks we will endeavour to send out orders within our normal pattern.

We have add two new section to our "left hand side menu", they are Hand Rolling accessories and Chewing tobacco ! These seemed two section that were need in view of requests from customers. The Hand rolling market is as buoyant as ever and I have not listed before various items like rolling machines and papers that can be an "add ons" for customers. The Chewing tobacco market on the other hand is a small but growing area. There has been a tradition of chewing tobacco in the UK mining areas, in Scandinavia countries and in the States but not in general use here. A few years back there was a move to bring Skoal product to the UK which was a Snuss form (mouth snuff) but this was later banded. But with the increasing ban on smoking in public places Chewing tobacco looks a logical area of interest. I have started this section with a brand called Oliver, The production is fundamentally based on old craftsmanship traditions, and the small pieces of tobacco are still twisted by hand as they were back in 1805. Oliver Twist is a specialty product, handmade like a fine cigar!

We await later this month the latest release in the limited editions from Habanos. This will be the Cohiba Piramide in a 10's box! Limited edition's (LE) wrappers are darker than those found on standard Habanos, they come from leaves at the top of shade-grown plants, which are younger, thicker and fuller of natural oils. All LE wrappers were harvested at least two years before the cigars were made.

At long last we have the Treasurer cigarette back. The brand of cigarettes depicts English quality and financial strength. The brand profile was a combination of : elite, exclusive, excellence, establishment, successful, stylish, status, sexy. Treasurer cigarettes were designed to bridge the gap between cigarettes and cigars, creating a new ultra-premium sector, positioned as an exclusive smoke for the connoisseur. The designs borrowed from the visual language of cigars, using aluminium as the delivery package and incorporating a rounded feel.

I continue to adapt the pipe range on the site. Last month I changed the Aldo Morelli range shown to the Loreto brown. The Aldo range offers a great briar at a good price for those who require a filter pipe. Over the next few weeks I will be adding and updating other pipe Manufacturers ranges. Estate pipe sales are still out stripping supply ! I have a ready market for any second user Dunhill's, Ashton, Les Wood, Upshall and some of the top range Charatans. Christmas may not be the time for me to put them on my site for you but if you would like to look at your pipe racks for any pipes that have gone out of favour perhaps I can sell them for you in the new year before the credit card bill come in!

I, at last, have found a new manufacturer of Pewter Snuff boxes. They feature two shapes with a different design on each. James Dixon & Sons makes a wide range of other objects, including those used in connection with eating, in pewter. James Dixon & Sons used designs by well known artists, besides employing their own designer, Charles Holliday. In 1934 the firm began production of pewter tankards and candlesticks designed by Harold Stabler. The Sheffield firm, founded in 1806 by James Dixon, this year celebrate their 200th year!!

Regards Martin.


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