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News Details
Date & Time Posted: 07/06/2006 17:25:48 Subject: Summer in the UK!
The summer has arrived in the UK almost overnight with clear skies and good temperatures! Long may it last!

Havana is continuing the come up with special editions. At the end of May from the Trinidad range came 3 Robusto extra in a polished wood, while to celebrate Cohiba’s 40th Birthday we have the Cohiba Behikes produced at El Laguito.

For the lovers of “fine” cigarettes comes the news that Vogue is to be reintroduced! This brand disappeared from the UK market about 5 years ago. The gap was filled for some by Karelia then a Silk Cut Slim then the Dunhill Essence! Now the original is back in a Filter and Menthol.

For the lovers of Soaps! Did you see that the BBC have banned Dot Cotton from smoking on Easteenders! Those of you who watch the programme will know the problem she will have as she is a lifetime smoker.

This weekend (11th) sees the British pipe smoking contest which is again in Solihull. This is about the 10th year of the event and because of the forthcoming “smoking in public places” may be the last!! It is possible that a large tent may be employed in future years but this need a far bit more planning.

A new H/R tobacco from Karelia has been released this month. It is a quality blond Virginia mix and seems already to be selling well!

There is a growing demand for pipes by Les Wood (Ferndown), Bill Taylor (Ashton) and Barry Jones (Upshall). The vast majority of these pipes are sold outside the UK and demand is currently out stripping supply. Les Wood was saying to me that obtaining the raw briar was also getting a problem. His Spanish supplier has now finished and he sources Corsican briar now through Italy. I do have some fresh shapes coming from Les which will be available soon.

Snuff is continuing to sell well and I am looking to see if I can get in the UK the Rumneys range of Swedish match. These have been available in Europe for many years but not available here!

All for now, more updates bimonthly. Regards Martin.


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