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News Details
Date & Time Posted: 05/04/2006 11:54:59 Subject: April and Spring Sun shine
Our Chancellor of the Exchequer pronounced his budget and as normal placed an increase on UK tobacco taxes. The increase was near 2% and these prices are being updated on my site this week. This is seen as a “health tax” but in it only swells the money in his coffers. The other section to gain in the Smugglers who can now show a bigger margin!!

Some prices have been held for a while by the importers! These companies are Davidoff who supply the trade with Swedish match products and Tor imports who supply Rattrays and McConnels among other things.

Two new pipe tobaccos! Although not shown on my site yet these look interesting! Image is a 100% natural tobacco (£6.60 for 40grms), Macbaren tried this idea with Only Tobacco but it did not get enough support, time will tell on this new one from Germany! The other is Elyee, a French style tobacco (what ever that is!) with Virginia and Black Cavendish. It has flouvours of creamy truffles with a drop of Marc de Champagne, if that’s your thing!

After many year of not having Canary Island cigars in the UK these seems a little influx. One of these brands is El Guarijo. If any interest from customers is noted for these I could well add them to the stock list?

For the Snuff box collectors among you I would like to report that at the end of this month on of the largest private collection of British Silver Snuff boxes is being Auctioned! It is at the sale house of Woolley & Wallis in Salisbury and contains 129 lots with reserves from £100 to £5000. Well worth a look at the catalogue if nothing else!

A rarity in the cigarette world in an introduction of a new quality brand! After the Dunhill range was remodelled we now have the introduction of Dunhill Essence in two variants. I have only read about them and hope to get further details soon.


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