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News Details
Date & Time Posted: 01/03/2006 15:51:41 Subject: Marching on!

The smoking ban vote by the House of Commons came as no surprise although the majority was greater than I imagined. I am sure that Hotels,Pubs,Clubs and Restaurants will be hit hard when the ban comes in next summer. The Specialist tobacconists may well pick up some business from these areas and we also hope that there will be an exception to allow smoking in a tobacconist! Many countries have now introduced a smoking ban but it is still not clear that the smoking habit has changed!

The Snuff habit though has seen a slight increase and I look here still further for growth. In the UK snuff has been quite regional but it would be in the interest of Pub landlords to start offering around the snuff mull!

The various pipe brands previously supplied by Merton and Falcon are at last finding homes. As previously reported the Peterson range has gone to Gawith Hoggarth while Falcon, Big Ben and Savinelli has moved to Sarome UK. This is a relatively new company who imports lighters and well as smokerís accessories. Both this companies will supply the trade in a professional manner so the end user should look forward to larger ranges rather than a cut back.

There are further Limited edition releases this year from Havana. The specially aged, dark wrappers will be: The Cohiba Piramide in a varnished 10,The Montecristo Robusto in a SBN and the Paratagas Serie D no.3 in a SBN both in 25ís.

A new cigar launch in Luis Martinez Silver Collection. This is a hand made Nicaraguan cigar. Smoked it has a full bodied flavour with a smooth taste. Well priced and sold in 30ís.

The Pipe and Pipe tobacco trade association (formally the Pipe smokerís council) has been wound up after more than 40 years. They organised the annual Pipe smoker of the year awards, the World Pipe smoking Championships and the Pipe smokers welcome guide. The later will be missed by many!!

Beware the coming budget on the 22nd March ! Prices will go up!

Regards Martin.


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