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McGahey's Coffee Stop - Exeter High Street's only Independent coffee house

Situated at the heart of Exeter city centre on the corner of High Street and the historic Castle street. Here we have a nestle of tables and chairs so people can have a break from shopping and enjoy a coffee and perhaps a smoke while watching the world go past. Our team of top baristas will make your coffee just how you like it! At McGahey's we strive to make a perfect Coffee each time you visit. We use Organic Fairtrade beans from Union for all our Coffees and our milk is Organic Soya or Dairy. We will not confuse you with endless coffee variations or cup sizes but always offer a medium or full strength to your taste.coffee shop on exeter high street

To complement the drink we sell the Divine range of chocolate bars, locally made cakes as well as muffins and cookies.

Our coffee range includes Natural Spirit which is a modern organic, Fairtrade certified espresso now comprised of Direct Contact Trade coffee too. Washed coffees from Chirinos "Especial", Northern Peru and Konga cooperative, Yirga cheffe, Ethiopia. Ethiopia is the birthplace of Arabica coffee, where the tree and the rejuvenating properties of its berries were first noted.  The country has five main growing areas which produces a range of coffees with an incredible diversity of flavour profiles unmatched by any other single country. Ethiopia and the Yirgacheffe district in particular, produce some of the most exotic coffees in Africa. Fabulous prepared as espresso and delivers a sweet dessert cappuccino.

Organic selection fuses sound environmental and social responsibility with premium quality. Organic coffee is produced without man-made pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides and is certified by an independent inspection agency.

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You must be 18 years of age or over to purchase cigarettes or tobacco